1.  Church Administrators’ Network, Aligning the Church’s Resources with God’s Mission, Jim and Dana Cialdella from San Clemente Pres and Shawn Reilly of St. Andrews  

Linking mission and vision to staff evaluations. Paperless process. Not just what we do with goal setting but how we do it linking our values as well.  A true full picture of what success looks like that will encourage and motivate the staff in a catalytic way for your mission.  Every Pastor and personnel chair wants to dialogue in this process together with two executive coaches with over 25 years of experience and a fellow church that can talk through lessons learned. 

2.  Women of Color Network with Eloisa Velasquez, Jenny Mambu, and Huong Dang  – An extension of the fall networking group and updates on the Women of Color Conference last fall. Engage in dialogue with Women of Color.  Understand regarding the issues affecting our future as leaders in the church, synod and/or presbytery

 3.  For Your Benefit – Making the Most of the Board of Pensions Offerings to support your Ministry and your Staff                                                                       Clayton Cobb, new BOP regional representative.

Topics addressed will include:

Philosophy and theology of benefits as part of compensation                                               Brief review of our current benefits and how to make the most of them                              The Affiliated Benefits Program for other church employees                                                The Employee Assistance Program as a resource for pastors and personnel committees  Supplemental 403b Retirement Savings Plan for all church employees and other Optional Programs for pastors and church workers

4.   Gracious Separation Policy” (as an alternative to our presbytery’s current “Procedural Guidelines: Property Issues” policy)  A Process for Discerning God’s Will – Mike Conan and John Furman

Discussing a new policy for the Los Ranchos presbytery as we relate to congregations who are in a crisis of conscience and possibly desiring dismissal from the PCUSA.  This policy will be coming for a vote in the coming months.   The purpose of this open space is to explain the policy and answer any questions about the policy.

 5.  A New Vision for Hispanic-Latino Ministries with Alfredo Delgado, Consultant for Hispanic Ministries

What has been the typical vision and model which we have used to reach Latinos in recent years in the PCUSA? Why it has not been successful. Why, then, are there non-Presbyterian Latino churches which are economically self-sufficient?   Why are they growing while we are not?   What can we do to make a difference in our Latino/Hispanic ministries?  We will be talking about planting new churches or creating new ministries among Latinos.