After some delays, we are pleased to announce that we expect to complete the remodeling of our Day Center in November and open our doors to homeless families the first full week in January, 2012!

Also of great importance: we now have a full-time Executive Director, Casey Crosbie. Casey is off to a fast start on a very busy and challenging schedule. I hope you will soon be able to get to know Casey and he you. In addition to many tasks to prepare to serve guest families, high on Casey’s agenda is to meet with clergy, coordinators and volunteers in each host and support congregation. We believe Casey is the person to lead Family Promise of Orange County into an exciting future that can have a significant impact on homelessness in Orange County.

We have a highly qualified, enthusiastic and productive Board of Trustees who are meeting biweekly to make important decisions. A key challenge for our Board is fundraising; please give thoughtful consideration to how you might support Family Promise.