Serra Retreat Center, Malibu
February 15-17, 2012

“The Balancing Act: The Congregation As A Healthy Emotional System”

The 2011 Los Ranchos Pastor’s Annual Retreat features Peter Steinke, a specialist on developing healthy congregations.

Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke will speak about church leadership, the church as an emotional system, and the qualities of healthy congregations.

Exercising healthy leadership in the church will generate resistance and anxiety. How leaders deal with that resistance and anxiety is central to their capacity to lead.

Peter Steinke will illustrate the qualities of healthy churches through stories and concept development. Those qualities include: Purposeful/Manage conflict/Always working on clarity/Energized in mood and tone/Mature/Accept differences/Foster healing capacities/Foster gratitude.



1 PM Registration
4 PM Reception for New Pastors
6 PM Dinner
7 PM Presentation #1

8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Presentation #2
4 PM Open Discussion with Peter Steinke
6 PM Dinner
7 PM Presentation #3

8 AM Breakfast
9 AM Worship & Communion (Presentation #4)

Register Online $250 (Cash or Check) $265 (Credit Card)

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