Thursday, September 15th
2 PM, Room 1

•In the weeks following 9-11, churches were overflowing with people wanting and needing spiritual comfort.

•Churches are unique in that they fit the criteria of a workplace, community center, and in some cases a school. There are several layers of preparedness needed.

•After a disaster, one of the most comfortable and secure places that will attract members of a congregation and neighboring community for physical and spiritual comfort will be their local church.

Come and learn how you can better prepare your church for a disaster or emergency.

The American Red Cross will provide you with information, tools and resources to assist you and your church/church school in preparing for a disaster. This presentation will focus on community resources that promote personal and workplace preparedness, basic steps you can do now to reduce personal injury, and recovery planning which could help reduce economic impact. The presentation will also raise questions on what you need to do to manage evacuation of large groups, supplies to have on hand, and what you can expect and not expect from community emergency responders immediately following a disaster.