Jill Nagasugi, Elder at Trabuco Presbyterian Church, has been selected to serve as our presbytery’s Consultant for Mission Partnerships.

The purpose of the position is to help our presbytery develop a system which moves the administrative and coordinating functions associated with stimulating and brokering mission partnerships into local churches, partnerships, or networks.

Whether in the marketplace or in her congregation, Jill excels at developing processes which help people work together toward a common goal. Her philosophy on missions is that “missions is for everyone,” regardless of a person’s financial, physical or time constraints. In addition to serving as an Elder for Mission Partnerships at her church, Jill brings professional experience as an independent business consultant and as a Vice President for a large bank.

Over a period of 19 years at Trabuco Presbyterian, Jill was the spark that kept mission partnerships at the forefront of Trabuco’s communal witness in the region. She longed for a day when the presbytery would provide more support to mission leaders like herself, and believes that this new day has arrived with the design our presbytery is implementing to stimulate mission partnerships and networks.

“Participation in mission work is a reflection of a healthy congregation,” Jill says. “Every congregation has strengths and weaknesses, but that shouldn’t keep them from engaging in missions. The important thing is to be open to where God is calling your church to serve, wherever that may be. I see my role as helping churches share the joy of mission involvement as well as providing information on how to connect with other churches and agencies in our region.”