September 15th, Open Space I, 3:30 PM
Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Room 1

Congregational Health: Making the Vital Connection between Health, Hope, and Mission

Challenged by the downward trending statistics of the PC(USA)? Upset by your own congregation’s lack of growth? Disturbed about a church marginalized from society? If so, come and join in an “open space” discussion that explores the relationship between the challenges of change and our own responses to new ideas that move us forward into a preferred future.

Based on Peter Steinke’s fourth book, A Door Set Open, Pastors Randy Steele, Duncan McColl, and Tim McCalmont will share their personal discoveries and leadership experiences in applying Steinke’s insight: We resist change less when we associate it with mission and fortify it with hope.

About Peter Steinke: Peter Steinke is an internationally respected congregational systems consultant who has also served as a parish pastor, an educator, and a therapist for clergy. Drawing on the work of family-systems expert Edwin Friedman, Peter’s accessible books have helped countless congregations understand their hidden workings and use that understanding to become healthy and vital.

Special Note: Peter Steinke has agreed to speak at our Los Ranchos Pastor’s Retreat in February 2012. We are fortunate to have him come and help us guide our churches through a time of tumultuous change.