Upcoming Training Date
The next-to-last 2012 training is on January 14th, 2012. The location will be First Presbyterian Church of Orange. All pastors must have taken Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training by the end of 2012—so if you have not taken the training, you need to be queuing up for this one. There will be one more training offered in the fall of 2012.

 Register online for January 14 training here.

Letter from Our Stated Clerk

Dear Pastors:

All of the feedback is indicating that internet pornography has become the most frequently engaged in sexual misconduct by pastors. We will be adding a section on it in future SMRT training.

This is not a “lesser” sin than other forms of misconduct; and it is of special concern when church computers and or child pornography are involved. Our policy includes the following statements regarding pornography:

Internet Pornography Addiction [as a form of sexual misconduct]

5. Sexual misconduct can also be taking advantage of the vulnerability of children and persons who are less able to act for their own welfare. Thus, abuse does not have to involve physical contact; it may include photos, internet, text messaging, etc. Those serving in high risk occupations have a special duty to avoid this type of sexual misconduct.

….or viewing or use of matter of sexual or pornographic nature on church or presbytery premises or property or by means of use of a church or presbytery compute.

Alban Institute Article on “The Pastor and Pornography”