A Letter from Keith Geckeler, our Stated Clerk

At the May 19th meeting of Presbytery, a motion was made to refer to the Presbytery Council proposed wording (Rationale/Motion Draft) for a response to the approval of Amendment 10-A by a majority of presbyteries, and that the motion include utilizing the presbytery’s Controversial Issues Policy.

The Council, in special meeting on Thursday, June 16th, took the following actions:

1) It adopted the position that the action taken on May 19th constituted a first reading of the proposed action.

2) That the Council would develop a “Rationale” for the proposed action.

3) That the Council would develop potential alternative wording.

4) That it would solicit input from ministers and commissioners regarding the wording presbytery sent to the Council as well as suggestions/recommendations they might have for other wording.

5) That it would provide for an “Open Forum” for everyone in the Presbytery on Saturday, September 10 at a place and time TBD to entertain additional input, suggestions, and alternatives.

6) That there would be an option during the September Open Space time the afternoon of Presbytery for additional dialogue and discussion.

7) That Council would present to the September meeting of Presbytery a recommendation and possible alternative wording for action by the presbytery.

This is your opportunity to contribute to the process.

Council is seeking the input of commissioners to and members of Presbytery regarding possible amendments to the proposed wording (and now Rationale); alternative wording (Substitute Motion), proposed changes (substantial) to the proposed wording; comments supporting or arguing against the proposed wording; actions you’d like to see Council take.

Please send such comments to (August 15th Deadline)

[email protected]

[I am on vacation and at Big Tent through July 8]

Keith Geckeler, Stated Clerk
For the Presbytery Council