On Wednesday,  June 8th, our new pastors gathered at the Presbytery Office for an orientation. The new pastors come to Southern California from as far away as Washington and Virginia. Most came to the meeting by car but at least one traveled on his motorcycle (Rev. Frank Webster of Canyon Hills). It was an opportunity to get to know one another, as well as to learn about our presbytery, including a discussion about the purpose of the Odyssey Report.

As part of the orientation, the group had lunch at our most northern church, Divine Savior, where Eliseo Morales is the pastor.  Rev. Morales spoke about the remarkable growth of the congregation over the past 10 years, which he attributed to “the power of the Holy Spirit.”

When asked if Divine Savior had any particular needs, he mentioned that they could use the services of someone familiar with heating and air conditioning.

Please Call  Divine Savior at 323-223-4322