“The morning was fantastic. The din from sharing in small groups was so loud it was sometimes difficult to hear, and many people didn’t want to leave once the event was over. People were greatly encouraged to discover that other churches in their own presbytery were just as passionate about an area of service as they were. Everyone expressed their hope that the gathering was only the first of many such gatherings to come” –Tom Cramer, APP

On Saturday morning, May 7, over 60 representatives from 25 of our churches gathered at Westminster Presbyterian Church to share about mission. Organized by the Strategic Coordinating Team under the leadership of Associate Presbytery Pastor, Tom Cramer, the Mission Summit was an open space to create a network of people who form missional partnerships.

“One thing that struck me in particular,” said Tom, “was how generous the churches were one with another, inviting others on mission trips, inviting others to opportunities for cross-cultural training, and teaching each other about resources that had proven invaluable in their own ministries.”

Tom added, “This is the beginning of big things to come.”

The next steps for developing the mission network include 1) creating a 2.0 web presence where participants can interact 2) planning more open space events and 3) awarding $5,000 grants to stimulate new partnerships.

For more information, please contact Tom Cramer.