Dr. Steve Yamaguchi addresses the Presbytery after the voting on May 19.


Excerpted from a letter from Dr. Steve Yamaguchi, Presbytery Pastor


“May 11, 2011

Dear Los Ranchos Pastors and Session Clerks,

Warmest greetings in the Risen Christ. I thank God for you every time I think of you.

Yesterday evening marked the approval of Amendment 10-A, the change in language for ordination standards proposed by the General Assembly in July, 2010. This amendment will take effect on July 10. The attached FAQ sheet (see below) from our Presbytery Council and Stated Clerk offers more detailed explanation about the change and what it means. In brief, this amendment changes how Presbyterians will make judgments about who is to be ordained. It allows but does not require the ordination of sexually active gay and lesbian members. It takes the responsibility for that judgment out of the Book of Order and it requires the ordaining body to make judgments about ordination according to its interpretation of Scripture and the confessions. This will change things across the land.

As my first response, I extend a warm and vigorous invitation to you to come to the last scheduled opportunity we will have to explore together as the Presbytery Los Ranchos what all this means for us and what our future will look like. This Open Forum will be at Tustin Presbyterian Church on Saturday, September 10 from 9-11 am. Please plan to come even if you do not preregister; it is an Open Forum.

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 I share this invitation first because I want us to be together, to pray and listen together, to reason together. We really do need each other . . . ”

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Los Ranchos FAQ 10-A