Garden Grove Presbyterian Church
March 24, 7 PM

First Presbyterian Church, Downey 
March 25, 7 PM

La Habra Hills Presbyterian Church 
March 27, 7 PM (Thai Dinner at 5:30 PM)

A team of dancers from Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand, will perform at three of our churches during March.

Dr. Esther Wakeman, Ph. D., Vice President of Student Development and Religious Affairs and director of the Christian Communications Institute of the university, and her husband Rev. Rob Collins will lead the seven costumed professional dancers and actors.  The hour and twenty – minute program will feature a number of dances from the various regions of Thailand, as well as a traditional Thai melodrama (Likay) with English translation. The drama is a touching true story about a gangster whose life is changed in an amazing way.

The Payap University Communications Institute was founded thirty-three years ago.  Its purpose is to communicate Christian truths through the use of Thai cultural expressions.  Throughout the year, the Institute’s performers lead spiritual renewal programs in schools and communities of this rapidly developing Southeast Asian country.  The programs include traditional and modern dance, drama, and music.  Live performances are featured, as the Institute has a staff of 15 professional artists.

LHHPC is having a Thai dinner prior to the performance, at 5:30PM, catered by a local Thai restaurant.

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