Elvira Ortez has made an offer you can’t refuse—unless you have a great Clerk of Session who is continuing to serve.

We are aware from conversations and reading of minutes that Clerks often take over with little or no preparation or training.  We’d like to help you out.   If you have reason to need to “break in” a new Clerk of Session, Elvira is  prepared to spend at least two hours providing one on one, hands on tutorial in the work of the Clerk of Session—and I will be providing follow up coaching as they encounter questions.

All that’s needed is for you or the newly elected Clerk of Session to give us a call 714-956-3691  Ext 125 (Elvira) or 130 (Keith) to set up an appointment.   Elvira will come to you.

[And if you are—or have—an experienced competent clerk or treasurer who might benefit from some “continuing education”—Elvira, Kathy Hill Long, and myself will be doing two “road trips” this spring—“best practices” for Clerks and for Treasurers.   We’ll be doing this through clusters in various parts of presbytery.]

Finally, SOUTH COUNTY churches.   Trabuco is hosting an elder training event on Saturday, January 22, 8:30 to 1.   Yours truly will be leading the training designed to familiarize elders with the fundamentals of presbytery polity.   It’s especially for new elders (and counts as constitutionally mandated training)—though experienced elders usually find in helpful—some from Trabuco have even repeated the course.