Dear Friends & Colleagues of Los Ranchos Presbytery,

It was 20 years ago that I began my position as the Associate Executive Presbyter for Resource Development, Mission Interpretation and Social Justice for the Presbytery of Los Ranchos. Since I left that role in 2009, I have thought of you all often and the wonderful time we had together, especially our fruitful ministry and partnership with our brothers and sisters in Kenya. I’ve had some ups and downs since the last time I saw many of you, but all in all, life is good and God is good.

In 2015, I was married to my dear wife Nancy and we make our home in San Diego. My son Daniel lives with us while taking classes at nearby Mesa College. I’ve also faced some challenges too, most significant was my being diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2013, the very same disease that took my older brother’s life at age 59. I was declining rapidly this past year, and on full-time supplemental oxygen for the last several years. Thankfully, I was accepted to the UC San Diego Lung Transplant Program and on July 21st, I underwent 10+ hours of surgery and received new lungs.

On Monday, I posted the following on my FaceBook page and Tom Dykhuizen thought it should be included in the Los Ranchos E-newsletter and I agree.

My Facebook posting from Monday, August 21, 2017:

Today’s a notable day on many levels. For many of us, the thrill of seeing the solar eclipse was amazing. Nancy, Daniel and I witnessed the eclipse on our back deck, safely utilizing Shade 13 welding glass panes.

But for me, it was also an emotional time as it’s exactly one month since my July 21st double lung transplant surgery at UCSD. When I walked outside to see the eclipse this morning, I instinctively & brashly took off my (always bothersome) supplemental oxygen cannula, which had provided O2 since even before I was in the hospital, and which I continued to use at home while recovering. With my doctor’s prior encouragement, I finally took it off and I found that could breathe just fine, and found that I was able to process enough O2 on my own according to my oximeter. I then decided to leave if off all day and my new lungs performed perfectly.

Wow! I’ll never forget this day!!! Hallelujah!!!

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” perfectly expresses my feelings!

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Rev. David Dolan, HR

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